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VShojo - Wiggle emotes

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Wiggle emotes based on members of VShojo. These emotes were commissioned by VShojo.

This bundle currently includes:

Apricot, GEEGA, Haruka Karibu, Henya, Hime Hajime, Ironmouse, K9Kuro, Kson, MataraKan, Nazuna Amemiya, Projekt Melody & Zentreya.

🌿 What you get

• 3 GIF files (320x320px, 128x128px and 112x112px) of each character, ideal for reactive image, alert and/or emote use,

• 1 APNG file (320x320px) of each character, ideal for Discord sticker use,

• Each character has a version with and without their charm, some characters come with an uncropped version

🌿 General Terms

• This artwork is “Free-to-use" meaning they are non-exclusive and may be downloaded by multiple customers.

• DO NOT redistribute, resell, edit, trace, redraw or use the artwork in any way involving commercial use.

• DO NOT share the files with a third-party person or upload to a sharing platform (Google Drive, Imgur, etc...). Please redirect them to my store instead.

• You may upload this content to multiple streaming and social media platforms such as (but not limited to) Twitch, Discord and Youtube.

• Merch production is restricted to Personal and non-profitable use. Mass production/distribution (anything above 5 units) is strictly prohibited.

• Aerlya Graphics owns exclusive rights to the artwork. The customer has no right to claim the artwork as their own or file any DMCA's against other customers using this same content.

• If you wish to credit me, you can credit me as "Aerlya Graphics". If you would like to include a link, you can any or all of the following links :

Thank you! 💚

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Wiggle emotes of VShojo members

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VShojo - Wiggle emotes

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